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Border Collie Training

Border Collies are well known for being working dogs. For many generations, they have been bred to work alongside humans in roles such as herding sheep and other livestock. Because of these past generations of great training, they are now fantastic dogs to live on farms to help farmers and sheepherders but they are also good family pets too.


You may not think that this breed of dog is much to look at, but the phrase “Brains before beauty” comes into play, and brains are one thing this dog has in plentiful supply! They are incredibly intelligent animals and if trained at a young age, will be very obedient for the rest of its life. They have a need to do a “job” and work best if they are continually stimulated. They need a lot of exercise and you will find this dog very active. You may have trouble keeping up with it!


If the dog does not have a purpose, it will become frustrated and even, occasionally, irritable. If daily routine is changed and they find their lifestyle restricting in any way, they will become confused. As an intelligent dog, it needs constant mental stimulation and also high exercise levels. Border Collies have an instinctive desire to work alongside humans in a close environment and this is due to the way they have been bred of hundreds of years.


Border Collie TrainingThey tend to bond very well with their owner and if they are not given enough work or exercise, they can sometimes become very over-possessive of their owner and it has been known for these dogs to occasionally “nip” other people and other dogs. However, they are not a naturally aggressive breed of dog, but if they are not looked after properly, you will find that they can verge on hyperactive. This may be quite exhausting, especially if it is within a family with young children.


A Border Collie needs training and guidance this takes time and effort from a capable owner. They need to be shown what is acceptable behavior and the difference between right and wrong, and without this training, you may find that your Border Collie will wreck a room in only a short amount of time if left alone!


Chasing is a natural characteristic for a Border Collie, and without the correct training, you could find that this instinct leads them to chase things such as moving cars, children and even other dogs. Many Border Collies end up in animal shelters because they have not received the right levels of training and guidance and they revert to their natural desires to “herd” or chase.


If you are thinking of getting a Border Collie, you need to be aware of the training involved with owning this breed of dog. It has high needs, and would not be suitable for anyone who cannot or will not provide high levels of physical and mental stimulation. If you can, however, provide the essentials for owning this dog, the rewards are great and you will find many Collie owners submitting their dogs in shows and dog sports, and they will tell you that their dog is an excellent companion!


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