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Do Border Collies interact well with other dogs?

Well, the answer to this question is very much dependant on you as an owner. Why, you may ask? Well, the way you have brought your Border Collie and the way he was trained at a young age plays a massive part in the way he or she will interact with, not only other dogs, but other people as well.
As an example, if you brought him up in a family where dogs, cats, or children were growing up with him, he will get on fine with them and you will find that he is more likely to get on well with dogs he may come across in the street, or other people’s kids. If you do not have other pets, or children, then the dog will be used to having you to himself, and may find other dogs and children a threat. He may feel that he has to compete with your attention.

There is one way that you can deal with this, and this is by socializing him at a young age, where possible. Make him feel wanted, and play with him while there are other pets or children around, and he will grow older knowing that they won’t be taking your affection away from him. Another way in which you can ensure that your Border Collie gets on well with other dogs is to provide enough mental and physical stimulation. Border Collies get bored very easily, and if you give him enough exercise and things to play with, you will find that he won’t react badly to other situations, for example, other dogs. The happier he is, the more that will get him anxious.

Border Collies are very clever dogs, and will pick up, very quickly, whatever it is you are trying to show them, provided they are shown at a young age. If you show your dog that it is good to get along with other dogs, and provide him with treats when he interacts well with them, he will enjoy the praise and be more likely to get on well with them in future.

If your dog is not provided with enough stimulation -  he is not exercised enough, or have enough tasks to do during the day, your dog will become neurotic and may become very over-possessive over you. This is where you may find your dog “nipping” other dogs and also small children.

Provided you show your dog that socializing is a good thing, and reward him when he is good, he should interact well with other dogs, and you shouldn’t find yourself with a problem. If you have an unhappy dog though, you may experience one or two quite major problems! Common sense really, if they are not interacting with other dogs, they won’t know what to expect when they do finally come across them and will become nervous and agitated. Let them play with other dogs and they will soon get used to it!

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