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How to prevent Border Collie Separation Anxiety

Border Collies are incredibly sociable, intelligent dogs and enjoy interaction with their owner, so when they see their owner leave the house, for however long, they can start to suffer with Separation Anxiety. This is when the Border Collie hates seeing the owner leave them alone, and can end up being potentially very destructive, not only for your pets state of mind, but also for the state of your house as well!

There are things you can do to avoid this situation, and most of this is down to common sense. You need to think about how the dog will be feeling when they are separated from you. They would be feeling lonely and scared, frantic and worried, and maybe even trapped. And when a Border Collie feels like this, they get destructive!

One of the ways in which you can stop your Border Collie getting lonely when you are not with it, is to get him another dog. The two of them can play together and keep each other company. You need to be aware though, that a Border Collie can become very possessive of it’s owner and may not get along with the other dog, and also they may decide when you are away, to have a party and wreck the house together! This, therefore, may not be the right option for you or your dog!

The most sensible way for you to deal with your dog and to prevent him becoming anxious whenever the two of you are apart is to train him. Leave the house for ten minutes or so, and then come back. Try it for longer and longer each time, and your dog will soon realize that when you leave him, you will, at some point come back. If they are being good while you are leaving them, treat them and play with them on your return and they will soon pick up on the fact that good behaviors while their owner is away gets rewarded, thus removing the temptation to misbehave. Another thing you can do, is to not say good bye. It sounds silly, but we all have a routine when we go out, looking for keys, putting coat on etc. You should attempt ignore the dog for a little while before you leave the house, and then it may take a little while for him or her to realize you have actually gone.

The last thing I shall mention is the most obvious. Take him or her to the bathroom before you go out and as soon as you get in. Make sure you have enough food and water set out so the dog doesn’t want for anything, and also leave plenty of toys and things for him or her to do while you are away. If the dog isn’t bored, he won’t be sitting and pining for you. And finally, if you are to be gone for long periods of time, get a friend or neighbor to let your dog out so he can play outside, use the toilet and generally have a little bit of fun. Always remember, when you get back from being wherever you have been, play with your dog. When it realizes you will always come back, you will find your house isn’t virtually destroyed every time you leave it!

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