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How to stop a Border Collie barking

There is no noise more irritating than the sound of a dog barking endlessly throughout the day for what seems like no reason. What if you are a dog owner though, and you are powerless to stop it? You need to realize what the dog is barking for in the first place. It may have a perfectly justified reason for making so much noise. Maybe it is hungry or thirsty, or there is an intruder in your house. Or maybe, it is just signaling that it wants your attention. Once you have established the reason behind your Border Collie barking, it will be much easier to rectify the problem, therefore stopping the endless noise!

If your Border Collie is barking for a good reason, for example, somebody in your house that shouldn’t be there, or a cat in the garden, soiling up your flower beds, you should make it realize that barking for thee right reasons is a good thing. Say something like “Good boy/girl” and treat your pet. Play with him, make him realize that you are happy with the reasons hw is making so much noise. Only you can decide what is a justified bark, and one that is for no reason. When you are aware of what he is barking for, and you are happy, you should use a phrase or word such as “Enough” to ensure your pet knows you have listened to him and understood, and that it is now time for him or her to stop.

If your Collie is barking for a wrong reason, for example, a dog being walked past your drive, you must make it realize that this in unacceptable barking, and react to him or her accordingly. Walk away in a disappointed fashion, and say “No” You could maybe use a training stick to startle him, but whatever you do, do not yell or smack your Border Collie. Firstly, this is classed as animal abuse, and secondly, it will just make him less responsive to you and make him scared of you. That is not what you want, you want to train him or her, not unfairly discipline them! They are unaware of right and wrong in the case of barking, unless you train them otherwise, and you should introduce him to these guidelines at a young age.

Once your Border Collie is aware of these guidelines that you wish for him to follow, you will find that they will stop, or certainly reduce, the amount of seemingly random things that he or she may be barking at. However, you must see it from your dogs point of view, if he is a puppy, or an older dog that you have just brought in to your home, it is a new environment for them to get used to and feel comfortable in, so a certain amount of unnecessary barking is to be expected. Once you have understood that and built up a relationship with your new pet, you will find that he or she will be much more responsive to you and your commands, and give your neighbors a break from constant barking!

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