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How to train your Collie to catch a Frisbee

You can have a lot of fun with your Border Collie, and you can play a great many games, including ball and Frisbee. You do need to ensure, however, that the dogs safety is of the biggest importance, and you should never play a game with him or her that could potentially injure them.

Border Collies are mainly known as herding dogs, but they also known as chasing dogs. They are fascinated with things that moves, which is why they make such great dogs for herding livestock. If you were to throw a ball, you have a very good chance that he will run after it. Whether or not he decides to bring it back, however, is a different matter!

The downside to this trait in Border Collies is that it can become somewhat annoying. For example, you could be sitting in the garden, relaxing, and then your Collie will decide he or she wants to play. They will very often grab their toys, like balls and Frisbees, and drop them in your lap or at your feet to indicate that they want to play. The art of chasing can become, almost an obsession to a Border Collie which makes them great retrievers, but not so good when you don’t want anything retrieved!

Before you start to train your Border Collie how to fetch a Frisbee, you need to think of the potential dangers involved. The most common consequence from playing with Frisbees with dogs, is herniation of the disks of the spinal cord and tears or ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligaments. If your dog is a competition winner, these injuries can end his or her performance careers. They are caused when the Frisbee is thrown in the air and changes direction whilst the dog has all four legs off the ground trying to reach it. The dog will twist to catch the Frisbee and can obtain some very painful injuries!

If, after that little word of warning, you decide you do still want to play Frisbee with your dog, the trick to doing it, is patience. Not a lot, mind, as Collies are very intelligent, and when combined with the love of chasing things, you will find that they will pick it up very quickly! Try feeding your dog treats every time he gets the Frisbee and brings it back to you. It may take a couple if times for him or her to pick it up, but they will get it and it will result on hours of fun, and exercise, for both you and your dog!

As long as you are sensible when playing Frisbee with your dog, and you look out for any potential risks and dangers, then you can be assured that you will have hours of entertainment playing this with your pet! I can guarantee that his stamina will beat yours though, and he won’t get bored of this very quickly!

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