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Socializing your Border Collie

The trick to having the best relationship with your Border Collie, is to train it at a young age. It needs to know what is right and what is wrong, there are guidelines which it should adhere to. If this is done, then you will find that the two of you will have a long, and prosperous life together. One of the most important things you need to remember, is that socializing your Border Collie is important to ensure that he or she gets on with other dogs, children and family members.

Border Collies are very responsive and highly intelligent and you will find that training them is not only easy, it is also fun. The best time to train your Border Collie, and this applies to other breeds as well, is as a puppy. Socializing your dog as a puppy will prevent shyness and irritability in later life.
 You need to teach your dog etiquette, how you would like them to treat other people, and also, how not to! Try teaching your dog “Sit” and “Stay” commands first, and this will impress your family and friends, but it will also ensure that your dog does not harass your guests until they are ready to pay him or her some attention.

You should allow your puppy to play with other healthy, vaccinated dogs. Once they have learned the basics, you can slowly increase his manners in more demanding environments. The way that your Border Collie will react to certain situations and other people is dependant on many things, and one of these will be the way his parents were brought up. You can modify a dogs instincts but you can’t really change it, and that is something that both you and your dog will have to live with. Some Border Collies are very sociable, whereas some don’t get on with any other dogs or people. Some are fine with adults, but do not like children, or vice versa. It is all dependant on the life they have already lead before they came into your household and the way you decide to train him.

Obviously, if you get a dog at a young age, and you have children, the time of the them will learn to get along, and will respect each other. The same applies to other dogs, cats etc. If you brought an adult Border Collie into a situation where he is competing for your attention against other pets or your children, you may find that you have problems.

All in all, you will find that the happier your Border Collie is, the happier he will be with other people. If you let him know that he has nothing to be jealous of, and nothing to worry about, he will not be anxious every time your doorbell goes off of your children walk into the room. If your dog does act differently around people or animals, use the training techniques you have used to house train him etc. like the use of a training stick or pinch collar, and you will soon find that he will get on perfectly fine with everyone and everything!

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