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Typical Border Collie Health Problems

 Expensive Vet Bills?

Border Collies are incredibly active dogs and enjoy nothing better than a good long run. Normally, you would associate this with a healthy animal, plenty of exercise etc. but there health problems that a Border Collie may experience in its lifetime. The most common of these is Hip Dysplasia. It is a genetic disease and has been claimed to be inherited from the dogs parents. Not only is hereditary, it is also caused by many environmental factors, like weight and diet.  It ranges in severity from dog to dog, dependant on age amongst other things, and can be very painful for a border collie. You are most likely to spot the dog limping and having difficulty getting up from a lying position, and it generally portrays signs when a dog is between the ages of four and nine months. There are ways in which you can manage this disease, including different food supplements and other vitamins.

Another thing that is very common in Border Collies is a congenital, inherited disease called Collie Eye Anomaly. It effects the retina, choroid and sclera in the dogs eye, and is caused by abnormal development of the eye. It doesn’t generally significantly impair a dogs vision, but it can happen very rarely but it is known in Collies as a mild disease. There is a DNA test available now to ensure that breeders do not produce affected puppies. Another disease that Border Collies are prone to getting is epilepsy, however like human epilepsy, the disease can be controlled by medication. It can be both acquired and congenital and involves the dog having seizures. This can be very frightening for a dog owner, as there are three “phases” to the seizures, all of which are unpleasant.

Also, like Hip Dysplasia, there is another disease that affects the joints that a Border Collie can get. It is called Osteochondritis Disease, and it can be hereditary, environmental, or dietary, but generally now, both parents are screened for this to ensure no affected puppies. There are a number of diseases that have been found in Border Collies but these are less common. They include Elbow Dysplasia and Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis. This is very severe, but thankfully very rare and a dog with this disease rarely lives for longer than two years.

If you think your Border Collie may be ill, or have one of the above mentioned diseases, you should get them checked out by a Vet straight away, as with proper tests and medication, they can be controlled and make your dogs life a lot easier and a lot less painful. Left to their own devices and they will not only cause your pet a lot of unnecessary pain, but could potentially be fatal and you may lose your beloved animal. Regular check ups at the Vet’s will ensure that any disease your pet may have is caught in it’s early stages and there is a higher chance of treatment!

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