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Walking a Border Collie

Border Collies are a breed of dog that needs a serious amount of exercise. Part of that daily exercise is walking. Whether you decide to walk your dog for miles on end, or just a short walk around the park, a dog needs to do it’s business and they also need exercise. So really, you are killing two birds with one stone.

One thing that you need to remember is that Border Collies are very athletic, and can be over-zealous when you are taking it out for a walk. It may want to forge while on its leash (pull the owner forward) but you need to eliminate this problem at an early age, especially if you have children that may decide to want to walk the dog occasionally. Without correction, the dog would easily pull the child over, and this could result in a few nasty injuries.

To start with, you should put your Border Collie on a short leash when walking him. This may seem unnecessary but it is essential for training your dog that you care in control when the two of you are out walking. If you establish who is in charge early on, you will find that your Collie will be much more responsive and you will experience less problems with him or her.

You should start by holding a toy or a treat in front of its nose whilst he or she is on the short leash. Do this while taking him on short walks around your home. By doing this, not only will it enable your dog to feel more comfortable and prepare him for going outside and walking, but it will establish the dominant one in the relationship. This position is known as the heel position, and you should allow your dog to associate this action with the world “Heel.” Feed your dog treats as he is doing this to let him know that he is being good and that this is acceptable behavior when out walking.

When you have the courage to take your dog walking outside, at first let him adapt to being outside by keeping the heel action going, and keeping him on the short leash. Again, treats every now and again will aid the learning process. You should also attempt to change direction every now and again to keep your Border Collie interested. If he is not bored, he is less likely to misbehave. Every time you feel your dog pulling forward on the lead, change the pace of your step or change direction. The element of surprise will keep its attention on the owner that is walking him.

The more often you walk your dog, the easier it will become to keep him from pulling forward. Other training tips, for example, learning how to stop your Border Collie from barking, and socializing with other dogs at an early age will also make this walking process a lot easier. You need to be firm with him, let him know who’s the boss. He will associate walking with fun, as all Border Collies love exercise and hw ill be much more responsive!

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