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 What should I name my Border Collie?

Getting a new pet is always very exciting, but how do you decide on a name for your pet? Do you get it home and work out what name it “looks like” and then decide, or do you already have a name when you go out and choose your animal?

When getting a Border Collie, if you get it as a puppy, it will be all cute and small, and you may think of naming it a real cute name like “Fluffy.” Imagine when that dog gets older though, it won’t be so small and cute then and it’s name will seem somewhat ridiculous. When deciding on a name for your Border Collie, you should take into account the size that he or she will get to, and what they will look like, and also their temperament. Also, a good deciding factor would, quite obviously, be the sex of your dog!

Energetic sounding names are good for Border Collies, as they are quite energetic dogs. They love constantly exercising, and they need to be stimulated often. Maybe a name like “Bouncer” would be appropriate! Just use your imagination and put a little bit of thought into and I guarantee that you will come up with a name that suits you!

Maybe you would like your children to name your pet? This brings your kids and the dog closer together so the children are not jealous of the new found attention towards your new Border Collie. You never know, your child could come up with a name for the new pet that you may not have thought have, as we all know how over active a child’s imagination can be!

If your Border Collie is to become one of the family, why not give it a more “human-like” name such as Bruno or George? You wouldn’t call a child Fluffy, so if your pet is more like one of the family than just a household pet, you should give it a name as you would with your children.
 Whichever way you decide on a name for your Border Collie, you must remember that the dog will start to recognize it’s name and it will be very difficult to change it, if you decide that you don’t like it, in a few months down the line! A name is for life, so give it some thought, otherwise you might well regret it!

There are many websites on the internet with names and background information of names, generally for naming a baby, but you adapt these to suit a Border Collie.

I guess naming your Border Collie is just a matter of persona preference. You choose the name because it is yours. Unless, of course, you get it and it has already been named. Whatever the case though, have fun naming your pet, and just remember, you are going to be calling it’s name for the rest of it’s life!

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