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Why Confining A Border Collie Is Not Good

“Confinement and Border Collies”

Confinement is not a nice thing for anybody to have to deal with, and it is especially the case for animals such as dogs. Border Collies are naturally inquisitive and need constant stimulation or else they will get bored. And what happens when animals get bored? They find and do anything to entertain themselves. And in the case of Collies, that could mean chewing or destroying anything in sight.

Border Collies have been bred for centuries as working dogs, with that sort of background, you would not expect to leave one in a small room by themselves. They will desperately search for things to do and tasks to complete. And if that task becomes chewing your sofa to within an inch of its life, so be it!

Collies are great dogs that love to interact with their owner. It is not suitable to be chained up in a yard or left to its own devices in a room. It is an active dog, and not only will confinement make the dog bored, it could also produce some nasty health problems. A Collie will become neurotic if not given enough mental stimulation and can become quite aggressive. As would you be, if left for hours at a time in one small space. It would drive anyone crazy!

Border Collies can be left in a room for the purposes of house training and so called “Crate Training” but this is only a good idea if you are willing to give the time and patience necessary to make this dog feel happy whilst confined. This dog needs constant interaction with its owner, and whether this be playing or just being together, this is not going to happen if the dog is confined whilst you are at work or whatever. The Collie will become lonely and feel that it has done something wrong, which is not what any owner would want for their pet.

If you are expecting to leave your animal for a period of time, for example, to go to work, you should have somebody, if you can’t do it yourself, to come in and let the Collie out, not just for a toilet break, but to give it a little bit of exercise also. You should try, where possible, not to let your animal just have the run of one room, maybe you could leave a door open, or get a “dog flap” so that it can come and go freely. Otherwise, it will have nothing to do, and it will get obese, if no exercise is made available for it.

If I were you, and I were thinking of getting a Border Collie, I would make sure that it would never be in the situation where it would be confined for any space of time, other than for training purposes. If you cannot dedicated the space, and time, that this breed of dog needs, then it is not the pet for you!

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