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 Lab Collie Mix, probably one of , if not the most loyal breed of dog you will ever have the good fortune to come across. Not only are they loyal, but both Labradors and Border Collie’s are incredibly intelligent and have great temperaments, making them perfect family dogs. They are lovable, and playful and are also very eager to please their owners.

Collies are very athletic and have great endurance, but a Lab Collie mix is slightly less energetic as well as being slightly less intense which makes them brilliant for an owner that wants a Collie but cannot dedicate as much time or energy to them.


Both Labs and Collies are well known for their superb herding and retrieving qualities, so if you have lost your keys, this dog will be able to help you find them! They are remarkably easy to train, and this is because for generations, Collies have been bred to fulfill a useful role alongside men and this explains why they are so obedient. If this dog is trained as a puppy, it will become a very hard worker, and also prove to be hugely rewarding to any owner, whether it‘s within a family or not. Because of this, you will find that they are house-trained very easily, and, if given enough attention, will not get to grips with any of your furniture or mess up any of your floors!


Not only is the Lab Collie mix obedient and very easily trained, they are also a bundle of fun and will provide any owner with hours of entertainment. They do not need as much exercise as purebred Collie’s but still need quite a bit, and obviously, the more exercise they get, the more beneficial it will be to their health.


Experts believe that this breed of dog is one of the best working dogs in the world. They have become very popular amongst families and there is often a rather long waiting list for puppies because of this. You should put your name down as soon as you decide to get one of these lovely dogs, otherwise you could be in for a disappointing wait!


To ensure that this breed of dog fits in with the family, it needs to be socialized at a young age, and this will prevent shyness later on in his or hers life. As long as this animal has enough attention, exercise and a “job” to do, as such, it will be perfectly happy within any household. They are medium sized dogs, so should not take over your entire house and as they are medium-haired dogs, they only need a minimal amount of grooming. However, you should make sure that it does not get tangled and it should be checked out at the Vet’s as with any other breed of dog. All in all, a Lab Collie mix would be perfect for you if you want a playful, energetic dog, with bundles of love to give and are easily trained.


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